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Constitutional Court

The Law Firm represents client interests at the Constitutional Court.

Everyone, who considers that his/her fundamental rights, for example, the right to life, freedom and personal inviolability; the right to freedom of expression; the right to unite in public organisations; to submit applications to state and local government institutions and receive a relevant reply; the right to property; the right to social security in old age, work incapacity and unemployment, have been violated by some law or other normative act may file a constitutional claim or application to the Constitutional Court. Fundamental human rights have been set in Chapter 8 of the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia (Satversme).

When preparing and filing a constitutional claim to the Constitutional Court, it should be taken into consideration that such claim is the ultimate means of protection of fundamental human rights. Before filing a claim to the Constitutional Court, a person must try to protect his/her rights by general legal remedies. For example, if a person finds that a state or local government institution, or an official by an action or a decision has infringed his/her rights, he/she must first file a claim to a superior institution or official. If the decision of such institution or official seems inadequate, one may apply to district (city) court; in turn the decision of a district (city) court may be appealed to a regional court. The decision of a regional court may be appealed to the Senate of the Supreme Court. If a decision of the Senate is found unsatisfactory, all available legal remedies have been exhausted, and a person regards that the reason of the problem is the incompliance of the applied normative act with the Constitution, such person may file a petition to the Constitutional Court.

A constitutional claim shall be filed to the Constitutional Court within six months from adjudication of the final judicial instance (as per example - Senate of the Supreme Court) becoming effective. A constitutional claim shall be filed to the Constitutional Court in a written form.