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Administrative matters

The Law Firm represents client interests in administrative matters.

The merit of court proceedings in administrative matters is exercising control over the lawfulness of administrative acts of institutions, or actual actions of institutions, or rational considerations within the framework of freedom of action, as well as establishing responsibilities or rights of a natural person under public law, or adjudication of disputes arising from public law contract.

A person may file a petition to administrative court only after he/she has contested the decision or action of an institution to a higher authority, or an authority specified by law, or in the event there is no such authority.

In accordance with Section 80, Paragraph one of the Administrative Procedure Law, a submission regarding the disputing of an administrative act shall suspend its operation from the time, when the submission is received at the institution.

The Administrative Violations Code of Latvia determines which action or inaction shall be acknowledged as an administrative violation; what administrative punishment an institution (official) may impose on a person, who has committed an administrative violation. A decision of an institution in administrative matters may be appealed at a district (city) court within twenty days from coming into effect thereof. State duty is not charged from a person, who has appealed a decision in administrative violation matter.