advokāti - Aivo Leimanis

Aivo Leimanis

Criminal lawyer, practicing since 2001, before that he worked as a prosecutor and practiced as an investigator.
Specialized in criminal cases. Member of the European Criminal Law Bar Association ( since 2007

  • in proceedings for criminally obtained property (Chapter 59 of Criminal Procedure),
  • in cases of money laundering (Article 195 of the Criminal Law),
  • evading payment of taxes and payments equivalent to them (Article 218 of the Criminal Law),
  • fraud (Article 177 of the Criminal Code),
  • in cases related to bribery (Article 320 of the Criminal Law), bribery (Article 323 of the Criminal Law), abuse of office
    (Article 318 of the Criminal Law), exceeding official authority (Article 317 of the Criminal Law), influence peddling, etc.

Provides defense and provides legal assistance in criminal cases:

  • In the Court of Economic Affairs,
  • In the instances of the Courts of Appeal and Cassation, in the prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Latvia,
  • in the Administration for Combating Economic Crimes,
  • In the SRS Tax and Customs Police Department,
  • The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB),
  • Office of Homeland Security.