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Immovable property

The Law Firm represents client interests in matters related to immovable property.

System, which guarantees individuals` property rights, is an integral part of democratic principles of the political system of Latvia. It especially refers to immovable property, since its market value is constantly growing. In this respect the content of Section 994 of the Civil Law “Only such persons shall be recognised to be the owners of immovable property, as are registered in the Land Register of such owners,” is of high significance. Until registration in the Land Register, acquirers of immovable property shall not have any rights against third parties:  they may not use any of the priority rights associated with ownership; they must recognise as valid any acts pertaining to such immovable property by the person who is indicated, pursuant to the Land Register, as the owner of such property.

Not only alienation of immovable property, but also each change in the ownership of immovable property shall be registered in the Land Register. Equally significant is also information about property rights, which encumber immovable property – various protective zones, road servitude, rental right or lien.