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European Court of Human Rights

The Law Firm provides drafting of client petitions to the European Court of Human Rights and legal advice on the progress of the procedure.

The European Court of Human Rights is an institution of the Council of Europe – an international court, which investigates complaints on violation of the European Convention of Human Rights and its protocols. Both natural persons, who have suffered from respective violations, after completion of the available national litigation procedure (within six months after examination of a case in a respective country), and member states of the European Convention on Human Rights may file a petition to the Court. A person may only file a petition regarding actions or decisions of public authorities. The Court is not entitled to investigate a complaint against natural persons, business entities or non-governmental organisations.

Legal proceedings at the European Court of Human Rights are based on the adversarial principle, and are public. Explanations and other document filed by the parties are publicly available.

Submitters of individual claims may prosecute an action on their own; however, involvement a lawyer is advisable and in most cases even required after communication of claim to the defendant government. The Council of Europe has established legal assistance system to claimants, who lack funds for litigation. The European Court of Human Rights does not provide legal assistance for initial drafting of a statement of claim and filing such statement through a lawyer.

Examination of statement of claim is free of charge. Since the initial proceedings are executed in writing, a person is not obliged to appear before the European Court of Human Rights in person.