Category: Lawyers

  • Aivo Leimanis

    Aivo Leimanis

    Criminal lawyer, practicing since 2001, before that he worked as a prosecutor and practiced as an investigator. Specialized in criminal cases. Member of the European Criminal Law Bar Association ( since 2007

  • Lolita Kronberga

    Lolita Kronberga

    Attorney-at-law since 1998. Specialises in European Union law, commercial law, administrative law. Temporarily suspended her legal practice in connection with her work at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

  • Gundars Lācis

    Gundars Lācis

    Attorney at law since 2009. Specialised in cases related to commercial law, employment law, inheritance law, family law, property law, transactions with any property, property management, fraud, economic offences. Provides defence in criminal cases – before the KNAB, the SRS Financial Police, prosecutor’s offices, etc. Provides legal assistance and defence in courts of all instances.

  • Lauris Matisāns

    Lauris Matisāns

    Attorney-at-law since 2009. He specialises in cases related to fraud, bribery, bribery, abuse of official position, exceeding official authority, money laundering, tax evasion, declarations of assets, declaration of assets. Provides defence in criminal cases – KNAB, SRS Financial Police, prosecutor’s offices, etc.