Property obtained by crime

The investigator, with the consent of the supervising prosecutor or the prosecutor, has the right, in the interests of timely resolution of property issues arising in pre-trial criminal proceedings and in the interests of process economy, to separate materials from the criminal case on criminally obtained property and start the process, if the following conditions exist:
1) the set of evidence gives reason to believe that the property seized or subject to arrest was criminally obtained or related to a criminal offense;
2) due to objective reasons, the transfer of the criminal case to the court in the near future (within a reasonable period of time) is not possible or it may cause significant unjustified expenses.
In the decision, the initiator of the process states:
1) information about the facts justifying the connection of the property with a criminal offense or the criminal origin of the property, as well as what case materials justify the existence of such information and are separated from the criminal case under investigation for a criminal offense;
2) which persons are related to the specific property;
3) what kind of action does he propose with criminally acquired property;
4) the victim, if any.